Tandem Paragliding Lessons in Denver

Tandem Paragliding Lessons in Denver!

Tandem Paragliding in DenverStrap into your paraglider and take off on a paragliding adventure over Colorado that is far beyond your wildest dreams. The experience is hard to put into words, but when you book with Denver Paragliding, we'll make sure it's one you will never forget. Because no experience is necessary for this Introductory Tandem Paragliding Lesson in Denver, Colorado, it is the quickest way for you to go airborne without previous paraglider training. Whether you are looking to experience the sport or develop a new hobby, paragliding in Denver is the perfect way to feel the thrill of flight.

Live your long awaited dream of flight!

What should you expect for your Introductory Flight?

This exciting introduction to paragliding allows you to soar with a certified instructor and experience firsthand the joy of paragliding in Denver, Colorado. Following a brief classroom instruction, you will train on "bunny" hills after which, you'll experience paragliding from several feet above ground. Both you and the pilot will have your own harness and helmet and all that is required is several steps of running with your instructor before he takes off. Once airborne, your instructor will show you how to do basic maneuvers and may even allow you to steer a bit on your own... All while soaring above the beautiful landscape of Denver!

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Imagine the thrill of riding the wind... free as a bird.

Paragliding in DenverYour first Introductory Tandem Paragliding Lesson will last approximately 10-15 minutes and you may even get the chance to pilot the paraglider during flight. When landing, your pilot will slow down the canopy a few feet over the ground and all you will need to do is take a few steps to complete the landing. Now you can say, "I Did It!"

It's time you experienced the tranquil but exhilarating feeling of sailing the skies... it will be so much more than you ever imagined. Treat yourself to the most amazing adventure that Denver has to offer!

Learn to fly a paraglider with a USHPA Certified Instructor on board!

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Tandem Paragliding

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* Tandem Paragliding is not available in all areas or with all pilots. Please call for details!